It's not just me, right?

The funny thing about being a dancer is the little ways that we act and think that separate us from the rest of the world. For instance, when other people meet someone for the first time, I'd imagine that the normal things to first notice would be their eyes, maybe their smile, or even their hair, or the clothes they wear. But us dancers? No.

Now maybe I'm alone in this, but I don't think I am...  You see, I have to confess, whenever I meet someone one of the first things I notice is their feet (Don't judge! :) ). Yes, as soon as is unobtrusively possible, I sneak a glance at their feet. And if they have 'good' feet (i.e. feet that would be nice for dancing, high insteps, good ankles, good pointe...) and especially if their feet look like they could be better than mine, then I immediately think to myself 'Oh, what a shame. They should be a dancer! If only their mum had taken them to classes...' Which is ridiculous of course.  Because just because someone has nice feet, doesn't mean they should be a dancer. That's like saying anyone who's tall should become a model - errrm, Hagrid? I don't think so. -  and besides, maybe they have two left feet (very pretty left feet, but still...), and can't co-ordinate all four limbs at the same time. Or maybe they would HATE dancing (inconceivable I know, but it could happen).

So why does it matter so much? I don't know, maybe because dancing is one of those demanding and wonderful art forms where to truly succeed, a rare combination of determination, passion, strength, patience, musicality, brains and yes, good genes, is necessary. So that when I see someone with potential, I can get a little silly.

And it's not just feet you know, if someone has nice arms, a long neck, an elegant face, a strong back, flexible limbs, or even just nice legs, or looks like a dancer with their hair up... I start unintentionally planning their dance career for them; 'Ooh, she'd be good at jazz, she'd just have to work on her flexibility a bit, but look at her legs!' or 'Oh my gosh! How many guys have nice feet! He HAS to try dancing, I wonder if I can bribe him...' and so forth.

So if you ever get into the situation of relying on me for comfort (and you're hoping for some sort of reassuring compliment) but the best thing that I awkwardly blurt out, is that you have 'good feet'...

It's a really big compliment. Trust me :D

Well, that's enough weirdness for one day, bye for now!