Fabric Focus: 5 Reasons to love Energetiks ProForm

We've been using creative innovation and the very best design, technology and fabrics to make exceptional quality dancewear for twenty nine years now, dancewear that has been loved and worn by dancers all over the world for it's ability to out-last and out-perform other garments time and again. It's always good to know exactly why we love the things we love though, so we thought we'd pull back the curtain and reveal some of the secrets behind what makes Energetiks trademark fabric, ProForm™, every dancer's best friend:

What is ProForm and what does it do?


1. Exceptional Quality and Performance

Like all of our fabrics, our ProForm™ fabric undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee that it's more than capable of handling the demands of your active lifestyle, whether that's at the gym, in the studio or during rehearsals. This means all our garments are checked, refined, and checked again until the highest standard is achieved. It doesn’t end there though, our ProForm fabric isn’t intended to just meet high standards, our incorporation of moisture management technology, superior soft-touch comfort and specialised yarn for extra breathability makes sure we’re raising the bar for what dancewear should do for the dancer.  How it works:

Moisture Management technology in our ProForm™ fabric contains an advanced treatment that wicks moisture away from the body as well as drying super fast. This means our ProForm™ garments can keep you cool when you need it, warm you up when you want it, and help you handle a workout at any intensity.

Superior Soft-Touch Comfort delivers just that. ProForm™ has all the advantages of cotton without any of the pitfalls, thanks to enhanced registered Supplex® fibres we use! These super fine, flexible fibres create soft and smooth fabric that gives incredible freedom of movement, doesn’t compromise on strength, and unlike cotton won’t shrink or crease up during wear. Most importantly though, you’ll enjoy that silky-smooth natural cotton feel, with many added benefits.

 Breathable – It’s a dancer’s job to make something incredibly challenging look as easy and effortless as breathing. So we’ve made it our job to make the little things even easier. ProForm’s specialised Supplex® yarn helps regulate body temperature, and the fabric weave actively directs hot air and steam away from the body, so you can focus on more important things than trying to cool down! …and just to top things off, ProForm’s also odour and sweat resistant to help you stay fresh, 20% lighter than other fabrics for that perfect weightless sensation, and 8 times faster drying than cotton, so it's ready to wear at a moments notice.

Dara wears the  Sweetheart Camisole  in Navy; made from Energetiks ProForm Fabric

Dara wears the Sweetheart Camisole in Navy; made from Energetiks ProForm Fabric

2. Made to last

A new leotard that feels good in the change-room stall is all very well... but what about an outfit that goes the extra mile and keeps that same great shape, colour and feel long after you take it home? We're glad you asked! ProForm™ fabric isn't just designed to look great and feel nice on day one, it's designed to last you year after year:

The icing on the cake when it comes to the gorgeous colours that our ProForm™ fabric comes in, is the fact that our colourfast technology means our fabric won't fade or lose it's vibrance. So you can be certain that your clothes will look just as fresh and striking as the day you bought them, no matter how many times they've been put through the wash! 

Better yet, ProForm™ is up to three times more durable than natural fibres, making our garments the perfect choice to see you through every beat of music and every breath of movement, from dawn until dusk, and never let you miss a moment of the action!

Our signature fabric brings you soft-touch comfort with all the benefits of sports performance technology

Our signature fabric brings you soft-touch comfort with all the benefits of sports performance technology

3. Product of Australia

Energetiks garments proudly carry the iconic green & gold 'Australia Made' logo, meaning we're dedicated to producing our dancewear right here in Australia, and our trademark ProForm™ fabric is no exception. Being one of the only major dancewear brands that's Australian Made means our garments meet all the strict criteria outlined in the AMCL code of practice , ensuring our product's significant ingredients come from Australia and all the manufacturing has been carried out right here in Melbourne.

We're incredibly proud to work with our nation’s leading suppliers and manufacturers to achieve product excellence that never compromises on value, so you can be proud to wear our fabric too!

Australia Made Tag_SqNEW.jpg

4. Supporting Local Businesses and the Environment

There's so much more to being Australian Made than just sporting the green and gold logo - We’ve always been conscious of supporting local industries and businesses, and in the process we avoid contributing to the growing extent of pollution and environmental damage in overseas markets that are at critical levels due to clothing manufacture and water pollution from textile dyeing and treatment. So you know that whenever you purchase one of our ProForm™ garments, you’re choosing eco-friendly dancewear.

Plus, having our globally accredited textile mill here with us in Melbourne has even more benefits: we're able to work hand in hand with our manufacturers, ensuring that every step of the process is executed exactly to our standards, down to the very finest detail. Manufacturing in Australia (instead of on the other side of the world) means we're able to oversee the entire production from start to finish.  

5. Feel as good as you look:

Danah Wears Energetiks Marle Collection; the  Sophia Crop Top  and  Lily Short , made from Energetiks ProForm

Danah Wears Energetiks Marle Collection; the Sophia Crop Top and Lily Short, made from Energetiks ProForm

From day one, every step of the production process is in pursuit of creating an end-product of unparalleled quality, and for us that's about more than just beautiful designs, we want you to feel your best in them as well. This is why our ProForm™ fabric is specially made with cutting-edge fabric technology, why we test and re-test every step of the way, and why we keep our textile mill here with us in Australia, but there’s a whole other side to making dancewear too. For every minute we spend on making you feel and perform your best, we spend an equal time planning new design styles, talking to dancers, getting feedback from customers and making sure that every line and seam on your ProForm™ garment serves the purpose of making your dancewear as comfortable, supportive and freeing as possible. Because we believe looking great shouldn't mean sacrificing feeling great too.

So the next time you're looking for the perfect outfit that's created intelligently, ergonomically, and with your exact needs in mind, why not try one of our ProForm™ garments. Trust us, it's a game-changer.

See for yourself:




To learn even more about what makes our garments so unique, call or visit us in-store to chat to one of our experienced dancewear consultants - and stay tuned for future posts in our Fabric Focus series.

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