Energetiks Talks with Casimere Jollette

If like us (and most Millennials in this digital era), you enjoy Instagram, and picturesque dance-focused accounts like Ballet Zaida, then there's a good chance you've seen an inspiring photo or two of American dancer Casimere Jollette floating around the internet. The angelic-faced twenty year old is grabbing life with both hands and exuberantly pursuing a promising career as a dancer-come-actress-come-model. And whilst that particular trio seems to be an increasingly common career combo in LA, Casimere brings her own brand of playful, whimsical aplomb to the mix, making her as uniquely memorable as her name.

Already a consummate professional, Casimere (or 'Cash' for short) has developed a steadily growing string of roles in TV shows such as Guidance, and East Lost High, as well as an appearance in the Blockbuster movie Divergent, on top of daily dance classes, regular casting calls and auditions, and an constant stream of photoshoots (no doubt the cause of her enchantingly colourful
instagram feed). All this whilst still in the aftermath of an injury that left her with a fractured back, unable to dance and confined to a full body brace for six months... unequivocal confirmation that 'where there's a will there's a way' rings true, and real dedication counts for far more than raw talent alone.  

We caught up with Casimere in between the daily hustle-and-bustle to chat about dance, future ambitions and hidden talents, see the interview below:

Energetiks: Hi Casimere! Why don't you introduce yourself to our readers:

'Hi my name is Casimere Jollette, but most of my friends call me Cash and I am 20 years old. I was born in Chicago and have two cats, Linguini and Gnocchi, and I now reside in Los Angeles where I dance, act and model.'

Casimere (right) with Aubrey Destremps. Photographer: Andre Nguyen (@yourfriendandre)  Casimere and Aubrey wear Energetiks  Diamond Cut Collection

Casimere (right) with Aubrey Destremps. Photographer: Andre Nguyen (@yourfriendandre) Casimere and Aubrey wear Energetiks Diamond Cut Collection


E: When did you begin dancing and what got you started?
CJ: I began dancing at 2-1/2 when my mom put me in ballet class. I continued on to study tap, modern, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, pointe, lyrical and floor gymnastics to learn tricks.

E: At what point did you realise you wanted to pursue dance professionally?
CJ: I started competing as a dancer at five years old all over the country, and at eleven years old, I was a serious national and regional title winner in contemporary dance. I knew then I wanted to do this forever.

E: Who inspires you?
CJ: Maria Kochetkova who is the principal ballerina for the San Francisco Ballet. She is only 5 feet which is short for a ballet dancer, yet she can accomplish anything!

E: How would you describe your style?
CJ: I mainly study ballet now but my favorite way to express myself is with contemporary ballet.

E: What’s a typical day in your life look like?
CJ: I wake up at 8 am; go through my emails; get ready for dance; go to ballet, return home; rehearse my acting scripts; then go to auditions; return home again to make organic, gluten free, paleo dinner before leaving for my evening acting classes. On my days that I have off, I have photos shoots for different clothing brands.

E: What’s a dream or ambition you have for the future?
CJ: To succeed and make a living doing all the things I have worked so hard for my whole life, such as dancing and acting.

Casimere Jollette (left) in Energetiks. Photographer: Andre Nguyen

Casimere Jollette (left) in Energetiks. Photographer: Andre Nguyen

E: What do you enjoy most: class-work, rehearsals or performance?
CJ: Performance, because I have always loved performing in front of people and the adrenalin I get before going on stage.

E: We’re a little in love with your instagram feed, who’s one of your favorite instagrammers?
CJ: Juliet Doherty, I love her ballet photos. And one of my friends Oliver Endahl’s “Ballet Zaida” page. It just has such a great aesthetic!

E: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
CJ: 'Nothing in life is easy, hard work and perseverance always pays off.'

Photographer: Tommy Lundberg (@tommylundberg)

Photographer: Tommy Lundberg (@tommylundberg)

Casimere wears Energetiks Crystal Tide Collection

E: What are some of your favorite after-dance snacks?
CJ: Fruit smoothies with flax seed, protein and glutamine powder.

E: What’s a quote or motto that you live by?
CJ: 'Everything happens for a reason.'

E: As well as dance, you’re a professional actress and model, what have been some of your favourite experiences so far?
CJ: Being able to work on set with actresses and actors I have looked up to my whole life.

Casimere shot by  Andre Nguyen in Energetiks

Casimere shot by Andre Nguyen in Energetiks

E: What’s a hidden talent or party trick of yours?
CJ: I have double jointed arms that can go 360 around my head... gives people the creeps like a circus freak when they see it!

E: Which movie or cartoon character are you most similar to?
CJ: People constantly say I look like Chloe Grace Moretz.

E: Tell us about something you’re looking forward to at the moment:
CJ: Spending time with my family in Chicago and taking a break from work in Los Angeles.

E: What do you like about the Crystal Tide collection, do you have a favourite piece?
CJ: I love the vibrant colors and water color effect... it reminds me of summer and swimming!

E: You had to endure a pretty awful injury – fracturing your back. How did that happen and what was the recovery process like? What helped you stay positive?
CJ: At the time I was flown out to Los Angeles for a TV show called “Bunheads.” I had a directors meeting and audition. During the audition I was in extreme pain and could hardly breathe. I returned back to Chicago to find out I fractured my back in 3 places from over use. I was in a full body brace that I had to wear 24 hours a day for 6 months. It was difficult, but I stayed positive. It’s easy to get depressed lying on your back, not being able to dance while all your friends are still dancing. My family’s love and support kept me positive.

Photographer: Tommy Lundberg, Casimere wears Energetiks Crystal Tide

Photographer: Tommy Lundberg, Casimere wears Energetiks Crystal Tide

E: How do you cope with auditions, do you get nervous often?
CJ: I never get nervous. I meditate before the audition and then treat it as a job interview.

E: If your life was a movie who would you like to play you (...if you didn’t get to play yourself of course!):
CJ: Cara Delevingne because she seems like she knows how to live life to the fullest.

E: The performance industry can be a pretty rutheless place, how do you cope with rejection/criticism and stay motivated to keep pursuing your goals?
CJ: My acting coaches and my family give me support and whenever I am down on myself, they lift me up by talking to me.

E: If you could have the answer to any question, what would the question be?
CJ: What will my life be like in 10 years?

E: What’s the best dance performance you’ve ever seen?
CJ: When I was studying with American Ballet Theatre in New York, I saw Misty Copeland perform live in Swan Lake!

E: What makes you laugh?
CJ: My brother... I live with him and he can still make me laugh everyday.

E: Finish this sentence: ‘Magic happens when:
CJ: '...you believe in yourself'.

E: - And lastly, do you have any advice for aspiring dancers and performers? 
CJ: If it’s your passion don’t give up no matter what anyone tells you. 

Casimere wears Energetiks Diamond Cut Leotard and Skirt

Casimere wears Energetiks Diamond Cut Leotard and Skirt

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