Dancer 24/7!

SIMKIN IN THE CITY - Director: Alexander Ekman - Dancer: Danill Simkin

Right. We love this video! This delightful clip perfectly demonstrates the, errr... impracticalities of being a dancer 24/7 ;)

Psst! Make sure you check out the mini bios below, these guys are really fantastic!

~ Ally


Alexander Ekman: This former dancer (of the Royal Swedish Ballet, Cullberg Ballet and Nederlands Dans Theater) is an accomplished choreographer who has worked with Cedar Lake contemporary Ballet, Norwegian National Ballet, Boston Ballet and Dresden Ballet, Nederlands Dans Theatre, Royal Swedish Ballet and Alicia Keys, amongst others, and has now turned his hand (with equal skill it would seem!) to directing (Don't you hate people like that? Kidding...).

The (rather fetching!) Alexander Ekman
The (rather fetching!) Alexander Ekman

Already a stand out, we're expecting great things for this talented artist, whose unique approach and obvious passion will continue to gain him notice.

The trailer for his short film 40 M Under, with the Cullberg Ballet (which he also choreographed... as you do.) can be seen here.


Daniil Simkin, the charming Russian-born dancer featured in Simkin and the City is equally talented and instantly absorbing with his fluid quality, effortless technique (is it possible he's filled with feathers instead of bones?? Someone might wanna look into that...) and perceptible sense of playfullnes gaining him fans left right and centre! In fact we're rather baffled why we haven't heard of him before (...nevermind, we're not letting him out of our sights now!) on top of the fact that he is - seriously - a phenomenal dancer (the second generation in his family in fact!  Parents Dmitrij Simkin and Olga Aleksandrova were both dancers... so he's literally got ballet oozing out his fingertips) he also happens to be the coolest guy...


Daniil has been with the American Ballet Theatre since 2008, performing and touring internationally as a company soloist, with leading roles in everything from Don Quixote to Tudor's 'Shadowplay' and La Spectre de la Rose and on top of that, he is probably one of the most 'interactive' dancers out there, sharing and communicating with fans, followers and friends over YouTube, Instagram and through blogging.

What a guy. :)

Daniil in a photo shoot for Acne Paper Magazine
Daniil in a photo shoot for Acne Paper Magazine

Alright, that's enough fawning for one day... back to actual dancing. Ally x