Raymond the dancer.


Every now and then you see something or someone that brightens your day, and despite whatever worries might be troubling you, or burdens weighing you down, you can't help but smile. Raymond Borzelli, and this little clip is one such gem. His story reminds us not to complicate the methods of achieving our own happiness. You don't need a studio to dance. You don't need a mirror. You don't even need music. Not even great technique is essential...

The only truly necessary element, is that you enjoy it.

Ray's lesson doesn't just extend to dancing, what his story really shows is that ultimately, if you love what you do, you won't only make yourself happy, you'll make others happy too. So there you have it - Do What You Love, and the world will appreciate you for it...

BETTER THAN SINATRA - Tropfest Australia 2013 (Short doco by Jefferson Grainger)

We're pleased to tell you this won second prize at Tropfest this year, and Avatar actor Sam Worthington was so touched by Ray, that he gave the 86 year old an impromptu award of his own, $3000 for being the 'Best personality in a Documentary'.