Ballerina Bites: Cherry Pie Smoothie Bowl

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January wouldn't be complete without something utterly scrumptious and altogether heavenly from our favourite foodie aficionado, Alexandra McMaster (aka. Ballerina Bites). Luckily, she does not disappoint! Prepare yourself for instant smoothie cravings with this month's recipe, a tasty, energy-filled bowl of sweet, fruity goodness that's perfect for breakfast, lunch or dessert (or all three!), and makes a great refreshing pick-me-up before class. Read on to see how the magic happens:


Cherry Pie Smoothie Bowl

These days a smoothie bowl seems to be my go-to before a big day in the studio. They are the perfect little powerhouses as you can make them as nutrient dense as possible without feeling you’ve eaten Sunday brunch.

My Cherry Pie Smoothie Bowl is the perfect introductory blend for anyone new to the ‘smoothie bowl game’ as it tastes more like dessert then a breakfast option.

 Feel free to change the recipe to tailor what you like; using blueberries instead cherries, peanut butter instead of chia seeds and adding greens such as kale or spinach to up your daily vegetable intake.  

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1 banana, frozen

¾ cup frozen cherries

⅓ cup rolled oats

1 scoop (30g) vanilla protein powder

1 tbsp chia seeds

⅛ tsp vanilla powder

½ cup plant based milk

½ cup water



1 tsp almond butter

Frozen cherries

Goji berries

Chia seeds

Sprinkle of oats

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In your blender add banana, cherries, oats, protein powder, vanilla, chia seeds, milk, water and blend until smooth.

Pour into a bowl and top with suggested toppings or your favourite granola.

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 With Love,

Love Alex,
Ballerina Bites. Xx


PS: Be sure to check out my last recipe 'Festive Balance Bowl', and tag me @ballerina_bites on Instagram so I can see your wonderful recreations!


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