New Years Resolutions from the Energetiks Dancers


As another busy dance year comes to an end, we spoke to some of the Energetiks dancers, models and ambassadors to find out their favourite moments of 2017, and their hopes and dreams for the year ahead. Happy New Year!

Maeve Nolan


The gorgeous Maeve Nolan, previous Gold medallist at the prestigious Genée International Ballet Competition and one of the stars of our Linkd Collection campaign, shares her highlight of 2017:

"This year, there have been many highlights for me in my dance training, but in terms of performing, a highlight would be the end of year summer showcase at the English National Ballet school in July. It was a wonderful opportunity, we got to perform on a big stage in an actual theatre in London, and it was really great as my grandparents who had never seen me dance could come and watch me!"

Maeve's New Year's Resolution:

"My goals for 2018 are to continue to improve my technique in my ballet training and to get a greater understanding of stage craft and performance. My New Year's Resolution is to work on my confidence in myself and my abilities and being fearless in new situations, surroundings and opportunities."

Mitch Wynter


Mitch Wynter, powerhouse dancer and member of this year's cast of The Dream Dance Company, shares his dance highlight of 2017:

"I've had a lot of highlights this year and it's hard to choose just one but being a part of the Dream Dance Company's "Enter the Vortex" choreographed by Sarah Boulter has been a massive highlight. Touring around Australia and New Zealand was a great experience and opened up so many doors for the future."

Mitch's New Year's Resolution:

"One of my goals for 2018 is to continue dancing in The Dream Dance Company. I'm starting full time at Ev & Bo in Sydney next year. So I'm continuing my contemporary and ballet training and hopefully it will lead to something bigger."

Alexandra McMaster


The multi-talented Alexandra McMaster is not only a beautiful dancer and Energetiks ambassador, but a culinary queen, running the 'Ballerina Bites' blog and instagram full of tasty and nutritious recipes to fuel dancers through their day. She shares her highlight of 2017: 

"Graduating from the John Cranko Schule, Stuttgart, Germany and dancing professionally in France!"

Alexandra's New Year’s Resolution:

"There’s always room for growth as a dancer and dancing at a professional level it’s really up to you where you want to take your dance career. For 2018, my goals are to continue working on my technique, as well as my artistry, and focus more on the movement rather than just dancing the steps."

Makensie Henson


The beautiful Makensie Henson, aka Bambi Ballerina (those legs and feet!), is currently studying in London at the Royal Ballet School. She shares her highlight of 2017:

"I believe that the highlight of my year was when I had the opportunity to dance on the Royal Opera House Stage, performing in the Royal Ballet School’s end of year performance. It was a wonderful feeling performing in such a beautiful theatre in front of my family and friends."

Makensie's New Year's Resolution:

"This year coming I would like to take time to appreciate all the little things in life and the wonderful journey I am on. I hope to grow as a dancer, both technically and artistically and to fulfill every opportunity and experience I am given. One thing I have learnt is that life can change in an instant and sometimes this can be a true test of our strength and  determination. Bumpy roads often lead to beautiful destinations!!" 

Brayden Gallucci


The ultra-talented Brayden Gallucci gained a scholarship to the Royal Ballet School after his impressive performances at the Prix De Lausanne, the Genée Awards and the Isobel Anderson Awards. He shares his highlight of 2017:

"My dancing highlight of 2017 would have to be performing at the Royal Opera House in London. It was a magical experience that I will never forget and I still can't quite believe I was given the opportunity to perform on a stage where so many great professional dancers have performed."

Brayden's New Year's Resolution:

"My New Year's Resolution would have to be to continue to strive to be the best that I can and to work and push myself even harder than I have throughout 2017."

Bianca Scudamore


Stunning ballerina and Energetiks ambassador Bianca Scudamore is living her dreams in France as a student at the Paris Opera Ballet. She shares her highlight of 2017:

"My favourite performance for 2017 was the closing night of the school demonstrations when I was given the opportunity to dance ‘The Vertiginous Thrills of Exactitude ‘ by William Forsythe and ‘Raymonda’ In Nureyev’s Raymonda."

Bianca's New Year's Resolution:

"You never know what ups and downs life might throw at you, but in 2018 I plan to continue to allow a little bit of me time each day to do something other than ballet that I also love. Just little things like reading a few pages of a book I love, or burning my favourite candle and listening to music, or having a coffee at one of my favourite cafes."

Article by Emily Newton-Smith

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