Energetiks talks with Ashleigh Ross

It’s just after lunch on a pleasantly warm summer's day, and I am sitting opposite Ashi Ross in Energetiks’ conference room at our Melbourne Head Office. Ashi’s mum, Joy, relaxes in a chair by the window. The two have flown in especially for the day’s photoshoot, which is also Ashi’s first time getting to try on the finished selection of outfits that make up her newest Ashi by Energetiks collection. We’ve just finished taking a break from shooting to have lunch, and are now sitting down to catch up on our last interview - which I am stunned to realise was almost two years ago exactly – I mention this to Ashi and her mum, who lament at how fast the time has flown by.

Hello Ashi, so first of all, how excited are you about your newest collection and what was the creation process like? I am so excited for this collection! If possible, I’m even more excited about this one than my last Ashi by Energetiks collection! I just really loved the way it turned out and getting to create it with Energetiks. I’m super excited!

Looking back on the year, what is the best thing you’ve learned or discovered along the way? Oh gosh, looking back on this year – she pauses for a minute to reflect - I’ve learned so many incredible things and done so many incredible things, I don’t know if I could pin-point just one. I have done a lot of traveling. I’ve been to America and Europe , which was definitely one of my favourite experiences, but learning-wise… I don’t think I could choose just one!

Are you making a New Year’s resolution for 2016? I don’t think I am making one for this year, but if I was to; I really want to get back in to doing a lot more dancing, stretching and practicing. I really want to master some new things this year. But yeah, if I do make a New Year’s resolution it would be just more dancing!

Last time we chatted you said Ariana Grande was the person you’d most like to meet in the world (Ashi nods), who else would you add to that now if you could and why? Okay! So, right now I would have to add Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Lawrence and everyone from Jurassic World, everybody who knows me knows how obsessed I am with Jurassic World! (laughs) …oh and I also just watched the Hunger Games for the first time and it’s so good! When I watch a movie I tend to get really obsessed and it sticks in my mind for weeks!

How are Oscar and Milly! Any additions to the pet family? Oh I wish there were additions to the pet family - Ashi turns to her mum, pleadingly, and starts laughing again. - Oscar and Milly are good, Milly is still adorable, she hasn’t grown a bit, she’s still so tiny. And she licks everybody! It’s one of her worst habits. Oscar is getting old, he’s so cute, he’s been a little sick lately but he’s all good… just getting old!

And what's your favourite summer food? Mango, one hundred percent!  

What song have you constantly got on repeat:  Anything from Justin Bieber's new album, I think everyone’s now a Belieber after his Purpose Album!

Describe your style in three words: This is hard, because some days I can be so girly, and wear a dress and a bow, but then some days I’ll be really street, and wear ripped jeans and stuff (laughs) …So in three words, ‘Girly’, ‘Street’ aaand… well, hopefully ‘Stylish’ haha!

What's the last thing that made you laugh out loud? Oh I know, this meme! I was on facebook and I found this thing, wait let me find it… - Ashi picks up her phone and scrolls down to find the meme, which she then shows me (pictured below), before bursting into laughter again - I don’t know why I laughed so hard at that, but I was on skype with my friend and I just started cracking up, I though it was hilarious!!

If your life was a movie who would you want to play you? (instantly) Jennifer Lawrence! Hands down.

What’s your morning routine? I am the biggest sleeper-in-er - she looks a little bashful - If that’s even a word! I love sleeping in! But my routine is basically getting up, having some food, doing my hair and make-up, checking my instagram and then heading out the door.

Are there any TV Shows you’re obsessed with? Yes. I love The Fosters, Switched at Birth and Modern Family, those are my three favourites.

Finish the sentence ‘I would never ever…’ Skydive! Ever, ever… (shudders). - At this point I sheepishly confess that I’m about to go skydiving, and I watch Ashi’s eyes widen in horror, Joy makes an exclamation of surprise - Oh my GOD, really!! Good luck! - We all laugh.

If you could make up a word what would it be (and what would it mean!)? Hmmm. Well I would want it to sound cute… - Ashi looks off thoughtfully for a little bit, trying to imagine a word - Well I don’t know what it would be but it would sound cute! And it would mean ‘work’ or ‘cute’ or something like that. ...Alright it would basically just sound and mean ‘Cute’! (giggles). - 'An Ashi version though right?' I laugh - Yeah! She grins.

Last fashion purchase? That was probably shoes I think… yeah. Nikes.

Biggest fashion faux pas you’ve made, if you've made one? Oh all the time! I always look back at my old instagram photos, or people tag me in something and I’m like ‘that is the most tragic thing!’… I’m definitely not a fan of floral leggings, I don’t like flowers on me, but then on other people I’m like ‘Yes that looks so good!’ – just not on me.

Favourite instagram account at the moment?  My favourite instagram would probably be @mylifeaseva , she’s got a good gram! She’s a YouTuber but she’s got the best instagram.

Who is someone you would love to take a class with? It would either be Addison Moffett, because I love her, she’s an insane dancer – or Tate McRae, who’s also an amazing dancer. I love both of their improvisation and technique, they’re crazy!

Have you had to deal with many dance injuries? I’ve had so many injuries. I feel like I’m the clumsiest person! I injured my knee five years ago and was in a wheelchair for a whole year and a half, I’ve hurt my hip, and broken my arm falling off a tiny stool, I’m not even kidding! …But nothing too major. She chuckles So everything’s good.

What helps you stay calm and focused before/during an audition? I am not very calm before an audition, my mum will vouch for that! I get so stressed out and worked up about it – so I just have to have family and friends around me and make sure I don’t let myself get too worked up about it. Everyone gets nervous before an audition, you’ve just got to relax once you’re in there, and I usually feel so much calmer once I get in and there’s someone talking to me.

You’d spend you’re last $10 on… Food, probably (grinning) oh wait! No a Boost Juice, I’d spend it on a Boost Juice!

If you had to choose only one: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter? For me I’d probably pick Instagram because that’s the one I use the most, but I love watching YouTube videos, like I watch them every spare second I have! But yeah for me, Instagram’s the main one I use.

What's something you want to learn to do in 2016? Hmmm. - Ashi pauses for a bit and her Mum, Joy gives her a hint “You’re learning it now.” Ashi looks puzzled for a minute but I think I’ve guessed what Joy means, Have you started driving?’ I ask. Ashi’s whole face lights up and she almost bounces off the chair “Yes! Oh my gosh! Yes!!” Joy starts laughing “I started driving like a month ago, oh I love driving! It is my favourite thing to do right now! Every time we’re just sitting around I’m like ‘Mum let’s go driving!’ - She claps excitedly. -

So you’re on your L’s..? Yeah, on my L’s! That’s 125 hours right? “Yes” -Ashi’s mum pipes up and answers instantly, sounding a little exhausted just thinking about it. I explain that you only have to do 25 hours in Western Australia and Joy makes a noise of disbelief. Ashi jokingly asks if they can go to WA for a week, and I laugh.

Do you have a life motto? Oh, I had one in my Instagram bio for ages…what was it?  - She turns to look at her mum who prompts the first few words. - Oh yeah! “If you can’t stop thinking about it , don’t stop working for it”. She smiles brightly.

I thank Ashi and Joy, and we start to wrap up the conversation. There's still plenty of outfits to shoot and Ashi is excited to get back in the studio. Tomorrow's another big day, Ashi and her mother will be joining the Energetiks team on location for a second day of shooting in a rustic looking studio with white floors, big old windows and an antiquated charm. It's going to be a good couple of days. This is an exciting time of year, and there's a certain buzz of anticipation lingering as we get ready for the launch of the Ashi by Energetiks Collection and another incredibly eventful year. ...2016 is looking promising.


Stay tuned for the official release date of our 2016 Ashi by Energetiks Collection PLUS the chance to win your very own pair of Miniature Hand-decorated pointe shoes signed by Ashi Ross!

Interview by Elly Ford