A Pointe Shoe Christmas Adventure!


So once again, our hand-decorated Pointe Shoes became restless hanging around waiting for us to find them new homes.... and inspired by the adventures of their bigger friends, they decided to get out and about and soak up the cheerful Christmas atmosphere around Melbourne, they may be tiny but that didn't stop them from exploring the whole city! ...Check it out ;)

First up; a trip to the Gardens!

A lot of posing on flowers occurred, good thing 'snowflakes' are so light! :)

...more flower posing!

Our 'Jingle Bell' pointe shoes decided to pick a more Christmas-y blossom! 

And of course, a day in the park is never complete without some tree climbing ;)

Weeee! Dancing in front of the fountain :D

Weeee! Dancing in front of the fountain :D

Just being pretty...

Clearly our snowflake pointe shoes love the camera!

Then our mini pointe shoes headed over to the theatre (in the background here), and daydreamed of starring on stage! :D

Oh well, time to rest at a cafe! ;)

Under the Christmas Tree :)

Checking out some classic literature in the bookstore! ...but mostly just posing with the Christmas lights! ;)

Wouldn't our 'Jingle Bell' shoes make the perfect Christmas tree decorations!

..The day wouldn't have been complete without checking out the Myer Christmas Window display!!

Now for some more hanging around on Christmas trees... :D

Feeling perfectly at home!

Here they are being dwarfed by this Giant Nutcracker's big boots!

- and checking out the Christmas lights at Flinders Station :)

...And last but not least, our little shoes finished the night taking in the city skyline, which was almost as sparkly as the shoes themselves! ;)


We hope you enjoyed this latest instalment in our 'Pointe Shoe Adventures' series...

and if you're a fan of our miniature Pointe Shoes (decorated by artist Elly Ford) then stay tuned on our blog for a very special giveaway! ... Merry Christmas everyone! xx