What a Month!

As many of you may know, there's been lots of excitement and celebrations here at Energetiks recently, with our 25th Anniversary, brand new Ivanhoe Concept Store Grand Opening, numerous contests (including the Sparkling Pointe Shoes giveaway!) and photoshoots galore all happening at once! It's been a very fun and happy month, but with all the craziness going on we've certainly been kept on our toes (No pun intended! ...Alright, maybe it was!). Last Sunday (the 20th) our Ivanhoe store opening kicked off with a visit from Blossom the Energetiks fairy, face painting, door prizes, the Sparkling Pointe Shoe contest, raffles, a Wishing Tree and plenty more fun, it was a fabulous day, so thanks to everyone who came along! Then on Monday we whisked our models off around Melbourne for a fun day of location shooting - and shared some sneak-peeks with you guys over on instagram :) - before continuing our busy week with a studio shoot on Tuesday with Sheridan (Energetiks 2013 Models Search Winner!) and Riley. Another photoshoot kept us busy this Sunday as well, and now for perhaps the trickiest part of all.... choosing our 2014 Calendar images! Picking only twelve is never easy, so wish us luck!


Below you'll find photos of some of the highlights and behind the scenes moments from our busy few weeks, enjoy, and stay tuned for our gorgeous 2014 Calendar coming soon! :)




Our beautiful fairy Blossom slips her pretty blossom pointe shoes on before greeting everyone at our Ivanhoe Store opening! :) 

Ta da! Our Cherry blossom-themed Ivanhoe store window, complete with tutus, snowflake ballerinas, miniature blossom pointe shoes, big pointe shoes... and cherry blossoms of course!

These cuties by our artist Elly Ford (@artelf) were hanging all over our wishing tree! :) 

Blossom and one of our lovely customers getting fitted for some Energetiks pointe shoes! 

Blossom's pretty Pointe Shoes (artist: Elly Ford) 


Ivanhoe Grand Opening Highlights: 







Energetiks Melbourne City Photoshoot - Highlights and Behind the Scenes 

xx Energetiks