Misty Copeland to star in new Ballet Documentary!


It's about time we had something spectacular and dance-related to feast our eyes on (...something that can match the inspiring picture First Position painted of today's dancers) and now we have it! The up and coming documentary: A Ballerina's Tale is still a way off yet (Director/producer Nelson George and Misty Copeland are currently raising money to fund the project), but nevertheless, the film's on it's way!! 

The documentary is set to feature - and be narrated by - the beautifully talented and iconic ABT soloist dancer Misty Copeland in an in-depth look at her journey from a thirteen year old beginner dancer (...that's right, she started at thirteen!) to the talented professional she is today; dancing for the likes of Ne-Yo, Prince and of course, her beloved ABT (She spent seven years in the corps before being promoted to soloist, and says she doesn't plan on leaving!).

"Learning ballet at such an “advanced” age and making it to a premiere company made Misty an anomaly. But Misty was also a black woman with womanly curves which, based on the standard popularized by the father of American ballet, George Balanchine, meant she didn’t have the body for ballet. The skinny, long limbed swan with a thin neck and European features has been the ballet standard for half a century. Misty’s career is a challenge to every stereotype of what the ballerina symbolizes and should be." - A Ballerina's Tale

So if you're as excited about A Ballerina's Tale as we are, you might want to head over to Kickstarter and help get the project on the way! ...And in the meantime, here's some stunning images of Misty for you to check out and get inspired by. You go Misty!


Misty Copeland - Icon in the making

Misty Copeland - Icon in the making

Misty's Website: www.mistycopeland.com