Reviews on Energetiks

'I love Energetiks, they have a fantastic range and I love the style!' - Chelsea

'I love Energetiks Dancewear simply for the Quality, Affordability and Style. NOTHING is more comfortable to wear in class or gorgeous on stage! - Nathania

'Your service is flawless :) Received our order yesterday, so fast! Keep up the great work!' - Tamara

'I LOVE ENERGETIKS because the quality of your dancewear is unsurpassed by any other competitor. As a dancer I know I can wear anything in the Energetiks range and trust it to be durable, functional and fashionable. I've been wearing Energetiks since I was a little girl at her first ballet lesson - you are like a trusted friend. I wouldn't set foot in a dance studio without Energetiks!' - Indya

'My doctor just diagnosed me with OED (obsessive Energetiks disorder) and said my only cure is to wear Energetiks gear!' - Jasmine

'Energetiks is designed for dancers and really helps a dancer feel their best. You ensure that we're wearing the best gear in order to perform our best.' - Jemma

'I love Energetiks because as a Mum of two dancers, they are a very long-wearing and cost effective supplier of dancewear, whilst at the same time my girls both love their designs and fit of the gear. This means I'm happy as the gear wears well, and washes well, without hurting my hip pocket and at the same time my girls are happy as they have fashion, fit and function all in one.' - Karen

'I feel like a professional with Energetiks... and that makes me dance better!' - Karina

'I love Energetiks because their Lycra is firm and sits well on the body. Energetiks also provides a variety of cuts which allows for many different body shapes and sizes. It's my preferred brand.' - Susan

'As a dancer and a dance teacher I rely on Energetiks to keep me moving. I love the bright colours and the breathable cotton Lycra. Regardless of my mood, Energetiks has the right outfit to inspire me.' - Julia

'My son and I love Energetiks as they have a great variety of dance gear and sponsor the fantastic Royal South Street Dance Competitions every September.' - Kellie

'Stylish, unique and fashionable... Energetiks makes me feel the part before I even start dancing!' - Alana

'I recently bought a red cropped jacket... I love it! It. Is. Amazing! I love the quality and the silky lining on the inside. It actually made me so happy when I opened up the parcel. It was my fist time buying so I didn't know what to expect. It was great to receive my order so quickly, I had it ready for a party just a couple of days after I ordered it. Amazing job Energetiks. Keep it up!' - Angela

'I recently bought some dancewear from Energetiks and I love it so much and it inspires me to dance more often as I want to continuously use it. Without a doubt the best dancewear (and the fact that it is Aussie made makes it event better). Wouldn't ever buy another brand!' - Katelyn

'My life revolves around Energetiks, I mean I dance five days a week and I love Energetiks for the range and the quality of the fabrics. I also spend all my class time on the Energetiks website looking for what to buy next. I love Energetiks leotards!' - Maddy

'I love Energetiks because it's affordable, looks great, lasts forever, is Australian made, feels very comfortable, suits everybody and makes me smile every time I put it on!  ENERGETIKS!!!! My friends and I talk about the brand all the time!' - Liv

'I love this company, best dancewear ever! Especially when you order something then it comes two days later! It's amazing quality, has a huge range of colours and styles, and so comfortable to dance in! would never think twice about ordering any other companies dancewear!' - Zoe

'I ordered and paid on a Sunday evening, our parcel arrived the following Tuesday - have to be happy with that! Love the colours and the range, we'll be back.' - Lisa

'The quality of this product is like no other exercise wear I've worn. With clothes you're constantly having to wash, you want them to stand the test of time! I have had some of my Energetiks stuff for years! Love it!' - Lys

'The leotards are AMAZING they are so comfortable to wear, they don't get awkward sweat marks and best of all there is so many colours and styles to choose from!!!!! 17 and counting.' - Sophie

'What's not to LOVE about Energetiks? It was the first brand of dancewear I bought my daughter back when she started dancing at age 6 and is still our first choice at age 15. Fabrics are great, hard wearing and still look fantastic after years of wear. Cut and sizing is perfect. I think we make our friends in other countries jealous with our own Australian Energetiks.' - May

'My very first Energetiks leotard was purchased when I was only 11 years of age, The amount of times I have worked through blood, sweat and tears in that leotard is incredible. It was worn for every one of my ballet exams and it still looks and feels the exact same to this very day, and now nearly at the age of 18, it is still my favourite leotard to work in at ballet class.' - Kate

'The sizing & shaping is really good as are the fabric colours. The colour fastness is fantastic, with hardly any deterioration of colours after many, many washes. Quality of the finished garment is fantastic and the items seem to last forever. Elastic is always great and never seems to deteriorate. Styling is always lovely and plenty to choose from. All in all, a great product.' - Ann

'Excellent quality, so comfortable to wear. Love the deep purple colour to match our dance co. Energetiks is definitely value for money. Would recommend to anyone.' - Kylie

'Such good quality, and I love the neon purple you use, it is the exact colour for our dance school uniform!' - Jacqui

'As a Mum of two girls who dance I am so impressed with the quality of Energetiks leotards and am so happy the dance schools of both girls now use them. They wash and wear so well unlike the other 'leading' brand my eldest used to have to buy which would pill and fade! My 16 year old would tell you she loves them for the variety of styles and colours available. Her face lights up when we visit the store in East Bentleigh, where we've been shopping for all dance supplies for years. Love Energetiks!' - Deb